The Center for Healing & Higher Consciousness, in conjunction with The Stream, a nonprofit educational corporation, is currently offering three programs geared to our mission of healing, training and service:

  1. Consciousness Boot Camp (CBC) 1 and 2 with year-long in-depth healing and consciousness training programs. CBC 3 will be available in the fall of 2013. CEUs available. CBC is available live and via the internet, so you can take this program wherever you are in the world!
  2. Consciousness Boot Camp Light, a free online study program with book and videos.
  3. Intuitive Counseling-Hypnotherapy Training & Certification, a twelve-week program that includes ten weeks of online videos and reading, followed by two back-to-back weekends of in-person training. This program is geared for those who seek more tools for self-healing and service through holistic and intuitive counseling-hypnotherapy training and certification. CEUs available. Advanced training is also available following completion of this Level One course.

“Although I have been training in the intuitive model for many years, the Intuitive Counseling-Hypnotherapy Training brought me to a whole new level with my clients.” Irene Brennan, PhD, retired psychologist.

Click here for all the details on our Intuitive Counseling-Hypnotherapy Certification program.

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“The training exceeded all my expectations.”  Helena Morrison, Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

Click here  for a full list of the testimonials for the Intuitive Counseling-Hypnotherapy Training.

Click here for more details on Consciousness Boot Camp. Or go directly to the Consciousness Boot Camp website.

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The Center for Healing & Higher Consciousness — Who We Are & What We Do

“Consciousness goes beyond concepts. It is ruthless moment-by-moment self-awareness, the ability to see ourselves clearly and drop ego-based self-justification. Consciousness then requires deep emotional and energetic clearing, so we are freed from the negative programming running us. Once self-aware and retrained in our thinking and feeling, we are able more and more to shift into even higher states of consciousness where our energies are guided from higher dimensions, when the choice to serve the highest good becomes an unconscious imperative that impels us beyond egoic resistance. All this is the purpose of consciousness training.” Beth Green, Center Co-Founder

Many of us are looking toward a new era, a world shift, which we sense is happening now. What is the role of the Center for Healing & Higher Consciousness in this world transformation, and how can you participate?

The “New Era” begins at the moment when we collectively shift from ego-based consciousness to unity consciousness. In order to achieve this shift, we need to synergize transformation on the levels of thought, feelings and being. This synergistic transformation requires us to simultaneously retrain our thinking, reprogram our emotional reactivity and reregulate the flow of our subtle energies, so that we may be empowered and guided by the divine.

The Center for Healing & Higher Consciousness trains students on all three levels. As a student, you will:

  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of human behavior and achieve self-awareness and personal healing, while learning transformational modalities that you may use to effect positive change in others.
  • Gain new cognitive understandings and internalize paradigms and tools that allow you to live outside the limitations of ego reactivity and move toward becoming agents of higher consciousness.
  • Increase your sensitivity to subtle energies and learn to regulate their flow from the earth, as well as from the higher dimensions.

In addition, our programs include training in a variety of specialties, such as counseling and consulting, which utilizes our unique blend of intuitive and hypnotherapeutic skills, esoteric arts and sciences, and Healing Arts Theater, which employs the arts as a vehicle to discover emotional blocks and to become a healing modality for audience and practitioner alike. Some programs also offer supervision and certifications, such as a our Intuitive Hypnotherapy Training & Certification.

Right now we have three training programs, two of which may be completed entirely via the internet. Two of them, however, also include the possibility of live in-person training by our senior instructor and increasingly renowned co-founder, Beth Green, co-instructor James Maynard, a pioneer in the field of transpersonal hypnotherapy and Helen Hillix-Di Santo, MA, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with 30 years of experience counseling, who also offers supervision for interns and other therapists. Beth is also the author of our foundational textbook, Living with Reality: Who We Are, What We Could Be, How We Get There, a 688-page guide to accelerated evolution. Click here to learn more about this amazing book, which is offered free-of-charge in PDF form. And James is the author of the hynotherapy manual that forms the foundation of our hypnotherapy training.

“My experience of the last 2 weeks in this training almost defies description….The experiences of personal transformation I experienced could not have been anticipated.  My sense of clarity and peace and liberation are palpable.” Kerry Klages.

Center for Healing & Higher Consciousness training programs vary in cost and time commitment. One is entirely free of charge. The spiritual foundation of our program is based on the writings and teachings of Beth Green, who has been a student and teacher of higher consciousness, emotional healing and energetic empowerment for over 30 years. An author, composer, teacher, speaker, intuitive counselor and business consultant, Beth has been a guide for generations of clients and students who have, in turn, become greater blessings to our world.

Our programs also base themselves on the experience of our sister organization, The Stream spiritual community (which Beth founded in 1983). The Stream has been the living laboratory for our consciousness training, and its continued growth is a testimonial to the viability of our teachings and work. The Stream is based in Bonsall (North County), California, but it is open to participants around the world through the magic of the internet.

If you are serious about consciousness training, look carefully at our offerings. Click here for a general description of our three current training programs. From there, you can link to each program for details.

The Center for Healing & Higher Consciousness was co-founded by Beth Green and James Maynard. Please click here for more information about their counseling and consulting. And please click here for more information about our co-founders and our administrative staff.





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